Should You Try Coworking? Everything You Wish To Know About Coworking Spaces

coworking spaces

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As hybrid and remote work gain popularity, more and more people are asking the question, “what exactly is a coworking space?” Coworking is when individuals assemble in a neutral work space independently, working on different projects, or come in groups and work on the same projects. A coworking space is much different from a typical office workspace, as in a coworking environment, people are generally not working for the same company.

If you find a coworking space near me, you will get the same amenities as you would find in a traditional office setup, along with a lot more! A major factor that sets the coworking space in reading apart from an office space in reading is flexibility. You do not have to sign a long-term lease in a coworking space, yet you get all the basics like printers, wifi, and even a conference room. A few budget-conscious coworking spaces near me offer a bit more than a desk and wifi.


The Most Common Types Of Coworking Spaces


If you search for coworking spaces near me, you will find them in all shapes and sizes. However, there are some major factors to consider when researching coworking locations. The amenities, community, and workspace environment vary from space to space. In this writeup, we will be breaking down the most common types of coworking spaces that are readily available.


Open Workspaces:


This is a traditional concept of coworking, and here you will find workspaces with dedicated desks or hot desks where employees of different companies share common spaces.


Private Workspaces:


This is the exact opposite of open workspaces. The private spaces take the form of offices or custom suites and are specifically built for larger teams where members of the same company share a dedicated room or a combination of areas that are rented or leased by the company.




If you are looking for coworking spaces in reading, then this type of coworking space is great. Networking with like-minded individuals sharing common interests and experiences is a wonderful idea. That’s the reason why vertical-specific spaces were built to cater to members working in a common industry. The industry-specific coworking spaces near me offer a combination of both open and private workspaces.




These are one of the most selective types of coworking environments, and their main purpose is to fund and attract companies by offering them the support necessary to grow. Venture firms offer reduced capital or rent in exchange for equity in organisations that are accepted into their programmes.


While these are the most common types of coworking spaces, aesthetic factors should also be considered. For example, office space in reading varies from relaxed to funky, and that’s why it is necessary to choose a coworking space near me that aligns with your company’s culture.


The 5 Biggest Benefits Of Coworking Spaces


As per CNBC, coworking space is the fastest-growing office space in commercial real estate, and while it comprises less than 5% of the market, it’s expected to go up to 30% by the year 2030. Here is a rundown of why people love using coworking spaces.


  • With a room full of energy-driven people, it’s impossible to slack off. Coworking spaces can be highly motivating, helping you get a lot done.
  • There is a community feeling as people go far and beyond to help one another succeed.
  • You don’t have to sign a long-term lease, which makes coworking spaces a great choice for startups with bootstrap budgets looking for affordable options.
  • Working from home makes it easy to fall into a rut, while being around people is great to keep one sharp for creativity.
  • Coworking spaces in reading help with networking as you connect with the right people and new opportunities start flowing organically.
    The Future Of Coworking

One does not need to fall in line and follow the traditional path to achieve success. Coworking is the new norm for people who are entering the workforce, increasing the number of freelancers and entrepreneurs who are taking the leap. However, it’s pretty unlikely that coworking will replace office buildings, but definitely the focus will be less on centralised locations and more on providing employees with perks of remote working whenever it’s possible.


Coworking Spaces Are Making An Impact


Curious about coworking? Then, consider connecting with Impact Working! We offer workspaces that are aspirational, built, designed, and operated to have a positive impact and address business emergencies as and when needed. We are more than a coworking space provider and function like a community, which makes forward-thinking businesses call us home. Whether you are a growing startup, a freelancer, or an expanding team, Impact Working can offer spaces that perfectly align with your needs.

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