Should Coworking Offices in Bristol Include Wellness Centres?

Coworking space in Bristol

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The business landscape in the UK has changed with an increase in searches for coworking spaces by 100% among professionals. A look at the latest trends in the past five years reveals them. It seems everyone, including entrepreneurs, remote workers and freelancers, is appreciating flexibility, a sense of community and networking opportunities. However, as more and more people adopt membership-based workspaces, experts are contemplating the shift to focus on not just productivity but the well-being of employees.

Wondering why? Well, according to research, almost 75% of employees perceive that this generation experiences more work-related stress than the past generation. After spending nine hours of the day within office spaces in Bristol or Reading and thinking about it for the rest of the day, don’t you think the integration of wellness centres in coworking spaces is essential? After all, overall wellness is not measured by the absence of injuries and diseases but gauged in terms of social, physical and mental wellness. At least, that is how WHO defines the overall well-being of a person.


What is a Wellness Centre?


A wellness centre integrated into a coworking space is a facility where employees or members of an office seek health and wellness services. It could be enrollment in a fitness class, yoga, massage or meditation. By being operational, it organises wellness programmes and exercise classes and supplies fitness equipment for members to participate in. With its existence, members can take a break from work, stay active and improve their overall health.


Why Does Every Coworking Offices in Bristol Deserve a Wellness Centre?

Following are the reasons why every coworking space must have facilities for physical exercises, wellness programmes, and activities:


  • Improves the physical health of members

By now, we are sure everyone is aware of the sedentary lifestyle of employees and the heart diseases associated with it. Unfortunately, many even suffer from diabetes and obesity. With the incorporation of a wellness centre in a coworking space, members can join activity classes. Equipped with the right set of fitness equipment, it would require them to only take breaks from their work to participate. The outcome? A healthy and happy workplace where employees feel valued and are willing to give their 100%.


  • Alleviates stress to restore mental health

A coworking space with employees from different organisations working together can be a bit chaotic at times. It can get stressful for employees to focus on with distractions around. With a wellness centre in place, members can calm down significantly by participating in meditation classes, stress-relieving activities and mindfulness training. Not only does it clear minds, but it also improves focus.


  • Improves productivity

Too much stress can hamper productivity. Access to a wellness centre attached to a coworking offices in Bristol improves both physical and mental health. During work hours, members can take breaks to meditate and participate in physical activities to feel refreshed and focused.


  • Nurtures a supportive community

The very foundation of a coworking space is a sense of community. This is further strengthened by members getting adequate chances to engage in healthy activities together. Whether it’s about participation in group fitness activities or yoga sessions, there is ample scope for bonding with each other to build a supportive community.


  • Encourages more members to join

A coworking space with a wellness centre is valued more since the latter acts as a USP and attracts more members, prioritising their health and well-being.

Going back to the question of whether coworking spaces must incorporate wellness centres, we hope you got your answer.



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One of the key highlights of Bristol workspaces, as presented by Impact Working, is the presence of a wellness studio. It’s an exclusive space where employees can enjoy moments of inner peace. It also features free yoga classes for everyone to participate in. The facilities are all aimed at making you feel more at home. We also provide freelancers, remote workers and entrepreneurs with coworking offices in Reading with similar amenities to lower stress at work. Explore our membership packages today and enjoy a collaborative environment where work-life balance is valued.

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